Pretreat. Protect. Prolong

Step 1

Remove, Inspect and Clean tyre by Rev Tyre Tech trained technicians.

Step 2

Prepare tyre for coating by sanding the inner wall of the tyre so that our Nano Polymer bonds perfectly to the tyre and forms another layer of protection against punctures.

Step 3

Tyre is positioned for Nano Polymer coating which is sprayed onto the tyre inner wall at 200°C.

Step 4

Tyre is removed and allowed to cool ensuring a perfect coating.

Step 5

Tyres are re-balanced and refitted.


Memory Nano Polymer Coating
Revolutionary Tyre Technology, Nano Polymer is evenly sprayed onto the inner wall of the tyre. Tyres are coated with a 3-5mm Nano Polymer thickness which adheres permanently to the inner wall of your tyres ensuring punctures are sealed as they occur.


Non Toxic & Non Hazardous
Nano Polymer installed by Revolutionary Tyre Technology is a non toxic, non hazardous formula that enables the coating to remain intact and adhered to the inner wall of the tyre at all times, thus enabling the coating to immediately seal a puncture wound.


Improved Driving Experience
When a puncturing object, (such as a nail) penetrates the tyre, which now has an even and permanent layer of Revolutionary Tyre Technology Nano Polymer coating on its inner surface, the coating is forced into the hole by internal air pressure forming a permanent rubber seal.


features and benefits

Improved driving experience

Will not corrode tyre steel belt

Tyre balancing NOT affected

Prolong the life of your tyres

Permanently repair punctures

The concept which Revolutionary Tyre Technology, or Rev Tyre Tech, has introduced to the South African market comprises the professional installation of pucture-proof nano polymer technology in vehicle tyres. This is a new and unique technology introduction to South Africa, and part of the materials technology section of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A puncture-proof layer of nano polymer coating is permanently applied to the inside of the tyre. This coating immediately closes a wound in the tyre with absolutely no loss of air pressure, and permanently repairs punctures and leaks instantly.

what is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a field of research and innovation concerned with creating materials and devices on a scale of atoms and molecules. At such scale the ordinary rules of physics and chemistry seem to no longer apply. Materials’ characteristics, such as strength and durability, can differ substantially between the nanoscale and the macroscale. Carbon nanotubes, for instance, are a hundred times stronger than steel but six times lighter!

What can Nanotechnology do?

Nanotechnology enhances the efficiency of energy consumption and massively increases manufacturing production at significantly reduced costs. Products of nanotechnology are smaller, cheaper, lighter yet more functional, and require less energy and fewer raw materials in the manufacturing process.


Seal punctures as they occur, instantly and permanently, allowing you to drive to safely and continue travelling.